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It's a nervous wait...

Once you've applied we will be in touch to let you know we've received your application and then we follow the below process. Please note dates are subject to change but use these as a guideline. 


Wanting to apply? Check out our Application Form page to download a copy of our initial application form

Application Process (Aug 23 - mid Feb 24)

Once we've received your application, we will review it and get in touch with your referees. 

We aim to confirm your application by mid - late January 2024. 

You and your parents will be invited to an information session, along with other parents and students who have applied. This is an opportunity to learn more about our programme and ask any questions. We will ask you and your parents if you are able to host an exchange student as this is a compulsory part of our exchange, whilst you don't need to confirm an answer at this information session we will need you to confirm it at the Interview Stage.

Students and parents will be invited to be interviewed by our District Committee and Rotary Club Presidents. This will take place on 24th and 25th February in Albany, North Shore, Auckland. Parents will be interviewed once and students may be interviewed twice. Each interview is approximately 30 - 45 minutes in length. Students may be asked to give a brief ( 5 - 10 minute) presentation to assess their knowledge on Rotary and what they want to achieve on a year abroad, students will not be judged on their ability to present as we know this is nerve-wracking!


Please feel free to ask any questions you may have, we are happy to answer any questions! We do ask you to please confirm your hosting ability and timeframe at this point.

Selection Process (End of Feb - end of Mar 24)

Once we've met you we will continue to consider all applicants. We may need another interview with you or your parents  but this will be done via Zoom. We expect to have final consideration by end of February - start of March 2024. We will be in touch to let you know the news and we aim to give you a proposed country at this point. Please note, countries can change and it's all dependent on our exchange partners accepting your application.

Our next step is to focus on our Inbound Students and our hosting requirements so we will likely be in touch regarding timings and when families can host. This is a real jigsaw puzzle and takes us a number of weeks as we need to also balance local schools and Rotary Clubs too.

Once you've been selected, students and parents will be invited to another information session in late March via Zoom to focus on how to complete the full application form.

The Full Application Form (End of Mar - 1st June 24)

We will be honest - this is a beast of a form, approximately 40 pages long! Students need to be organised to get their application form together. 

Your application includes a full medical and dental check up so we suggest you make these appointments first as there can be a wait for an appointment. You will need to enclose a full copy of your immunisation record and we may ask you to get another immunisation if required. 

You will be expected to write a letter to your new host family and a letter from your parents too! You will need lots of great pictures of your family, your house and activities you love. We want to see you put your best foot forward.

You will need a school referee and academic record to be enclosed.

Finally, we will find you a NZ sponsor club and introduce you to them. We will need signatures from them and you may need to visit and meet them to get these signatures. You will build a strong relationship with your sponsor club and you need to be prepared to get involved with their club activities and present at their Rotary Club.

Once you have completed your application, allow two to three weeks for us to check it. You may be asked to make furthe changes. Initial first draft is due to the Outbound Coordinator by 1st May 2024 with final version due by 1st June 2024.

In the background (Mar onwards)

Whilst you've been completing your application form, students are encouraged to undertake independent study of their new language. There are many different resources but students are encouraged to ask teachers and members of their community for help. We cannot stress enough, the more language a student knows, the easier the integration in their new country will be.

Students are also encouraged to undertake a part-time job or fundraising to support their exchange. It's an incredible opportunity but it is YOUR year so consider how YOU can participate towards the cost.

There will be other timeframes throughout the year which will be explained in full detail including when costs are due etc.

Orientation Weekend (20th - 21st July end of the school holidays)

Both Inbound and Outbound (that's you!) students and Outbound parents will be invited to a weekend get-together on the North Shore. This is a big weekend where we get to know you in a lot more detail and your parents. It's also a big weekend of information where we cover travel insurance, flights, expectations, rules and much more! Rotarians will be invited to join and other special guests too. 


Students will be expected to give a short presentation (in your new language) and participate in a talent show.

We will welcome our new Inbound students at this weekend, it's a special opportunity to get to know our newest Kiwis too.

Please note; this is the last weekend of the school holidays.

Marae Weekend (11th - 13th Oct 24 end of school hols)

All students (both Inbound and Outbound) will be invited to a Maori Marae Immersion weekend at the end of the school holidays. This will be Friday through to Sunday based in Whangarei and Waitangi. Students will visit Waitangi Treaty Grounds and participate in a Hangi and Waka Ama.

We hope to have confirmed students countries by Marae weekend and have final confirmation of their flight details in October.

Please note; this is the last weekend of the school holidays.

Final Debrief (Dec 24)

Students and parents will be invited to a 3/4 Saturday debrief in early - mid December. This location may be the North Shore or may be Whangarei. This will be a final debrief where last minute questions are answered. Students will need to give their full introductory presentation (in their new language.) This is an exciting and nervous time! 

Departure (Dec/Jan 25)

All NZ students heading to Europe will depart together. Students travelling to USA or South America will be travelling in smaller groups or individually.

Students depart between early (7th Jan) to mid Jan (17th). We cannot confirm departure dates until Aug 23 but please be prepared for this. Students travelling to the USA may be required to depart before Dec 31 to meet schooling requirements. This will be discussed individually with you.

Students arrive back in NZ exactly 364 days later and we can't wait to welcome them back home!

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